BDES 1201 — Week 12 — The Digital Turn

The two authors discussed this week, Antonelli and Matter, are both interpreting the idea of the revolutionary digital age, and the designer’s role in communicating an understanding of the implementation of the advancing digital technology — how to bridge the gap…

BDES 1201 — Week 10 — Responsible Design

An image depicting the evolution of humans and their tools, ending with man and the computer. (

The way we live our lives today is a byproduct of design, from the way we get to work in the morning, to the ways we are now able to shop online. But do we ever stop to think about the significance…

BDES 1201 — Week 9 — Post Modernism

The two authors discussed this week, Jencks and Woodham, both describe the positive and negative effects associated with postmodernism in relation to design and the consumer culture. Therefore I ask, what is being a designer in a postmodernist world?*

Jencks says, in…

BDES 1201 — Week # 6

Buying something in today’s day and age means that in some way or another you have experienced the effects of consumer engineering. It has been argued that products today were built perhaps to function, but not to last. …

BDES 1201 — Week 4 — On Being a Designer

What is beautiful, isn’t always practical in the same way that, what is practical isn’t always beautiful. So, in saying that, what defines good design? The two authors discussed this week have very countering opinions on the subject of design…

Samantha De Donato

Digital Design Student

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